About Us

About Us

Noor Top Capi Marketing & Real Estate Investment Company was established in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey in 2014, with its headquarters in Belek Dozo. The company has a team with experience and knowledge of the Turkish market and has the ability to deliver a package of services to its customers, and the company, through the experience of several years to expand its services to include several countries in the Middle East and North Africa

Company Vision

The ambition to be one of the outstanding companies in the field of marketing and real estate investment in the Turkish market and starting from the global

Company Message

To achieve and meet the requirements of customers in the field of real estate in Turkey according to the best methods and all the possibilities available.

  The goals of the company

Offering the best real estate and legal consulting services to clients

Helping customers choose the right business or property that will bring you the best returns.

  Services of the company

Real Estate Marketing Service: The company provides real estate marketing service to its customers who wish to own the various real estate units, whether residential or commercial, through the sale and lease system. It has a distinguished sales team and a specialized communication center in this field, which helps you to choose the suitable real estate unit for you.
Real Estate Consultancy Services: The company provides real estate consultancy services to all clients wishing to invest in the Turkish market and ensure the best financial returns based on long experience and reliable feasibility studies.
Legal advice and government services for foreigners:
Issuing and renewing tourist stays.
Issuing and renewing work permits and permits.
Issuing and renewing medical insurance.
Financial Advisory Services: The company provides legal financial advisory services through accredited financial auditors, especially for those wishing to establish trading companies of all kinds in Turkey through their knowledge of the systems and meeting all the requirements related to them.
Touristic and therapeutic services: The company provides a package of tourist services to its customers in all Turkish regions through the largest Turkish tourism companies, as well as therapeutic through close partnerships with many reliable medical bodies including (hair transplant / cosmetic surgery / alternative medicine / Turkish health resorts).