Are Gulf citizens entitled to own real estate in Turkey? And what are the conditions

After 2007 and the new laws that made foreigners able to buy real estate in Istanbul came many foreigners to Turkey, especially to Istanbul to buy real estate where all types of real estate are available, you can find: Properties for sale, apartments for sale, houses, villa.

In order to own a property in Turkey, you must own a title deed. The title of a property for sale in Istanbul is proof that you are the real owner of the property. Otherwise, the law in Turkey, which is also implemented in Istanbul, makes receipt of title easier for you as property owner in Istanbul. After the completion of the property purchase in Istanbul you can have property title but the time it takes depends on the type of property. For example, if there is a foreign owner in the same project or building where you purchased the property, the title can be approved within two or three days. If not, you should wait for approval of the title deed which takes about 45 to 60 days. Do you own the title immediately when buying apartments in Istanbul with installment programs? Of course, you can get title to apartments for sale in Istanbul by installments but after payment of all payment amounts. Thus you can get immediate if there is a foreign owner in the same project or building, if not, you should wait.

According to Turkish law, foreigners have the right to own Turkish residence after buying real estate in Turkey. What type of real estate can be provided to foreigners with this right, ranging from cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul to luxury real estate in Istanbul, also there are a lot of laws being studied now to give citizenship to those who have property in Istanbul or any other Turkish city. However, the citizenship of those who have luxury properties in Istanbul will be granted faster than those who have cheap real estate in Istanbul. In the end, the laws of Turkey are trying to make investment in Istanbul in the real estate market easier than before.

In May 2012, a new law was implemented by the Turkish government which lifted a great deal of restrictions and opened the Turkish real estate market to citizens of more than 129 different countries. Some rules still exist, such as real estate owned by a foreign citizen in a Turkish town can not exceed 10% of the territory of the town and no foreign citizen can buy more than 300,000 square meters of land in Turkey without first obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Interior Turkey.

Some areas in Turkey have restrictions on the nationals of some countries, however, these citizens can buy real estate in other regions of Turkey:

Russian and Ukrainian citizens can not buy real estate along the Black Sea coast in Turkey.

Greek citizens are not allowed to buy property on the Black Sea coast and some Aegean regions of Turkey

Citizens of the following countries can buy real estate in Turkey

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Kuwait

The citizens of 31 countries face some restrictions on the type of property they can purchase in Turkey

Morocco – No agricultural land is allowed

Egypt – No agricultural land is allowed

Citizens of the following countries must obtain permission from the Ministry of Interior of Turkey before they can purchase

Iran, Palestine, Iraq

Most of the new buyers are from the Middle East, particularly Iraq, the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia. Most buyers in the Middle East tend to look for real estate on the outskirts of the city, with prices ranging from $ 150,000 to $ 500,000 on average, with high-end residences cheaper and more abundant, but expensive

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